Singapore Banks' Information and Articles

Maybank Online and Mobile Banking Services in Singapore

Malayan Banking Berhad, trading under the name Maybank, is a Malaysian Bank with key operating markets in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Read more »

UOB Online & Mobile Banking Services in Singapore

Founded in 1935, UOB has grown to become one of the largest banks in Asia, with branches across the globe. UOB offers a variety of services, including bank accounts, personal loans, insurance, credit cards, and investments. Read more »

POSB Online and Mobile Banking Services in Singapore

The Post Office Savings Bank commonly referred to as POSB is a financial services provider that was established in 1877 in Singapore. Read more »

DBS Online Banking Platform

Being one of the leading and the biggest financial services provider in Asia, DBS bank is comprised of more than 250 branches. The bank’s activities are spread across 17 markets of Southeast & South Asia, and China. Read more »

Types of accounts available to open at Maybank Singapore

With $61 billion assets and 1800 employees, Maybank Singapore is one of the biggest financial services providers in the country. Read more »

How to Open an Account at POSB in Singapore

For most adults, a bank account is an essential part of modern life. A bank provides not only a place to store money, but an opportunity to grow assets and invest in the future. Read more »

How to Open an Account at UOB in Singapore

In today’s world, a bank account is an essential part of life for millions of people. Banks provide people with a safe place to store their money and keep track of their records, as well as receive financial advice and other important services. Read more »

Banking holidays in Singapore for 2017

Public/banking holidays in Singapore commemorate ten separate events and festivals, important to the nation, seven of the holidays being religious in nature, while the other three are “secular”.
Read more »