UOB Online & Mobile Banking Services in Singapore

Founded in 1935, UOB has grown to become one of the largest banks in Asia, with branches across the globe. UOB offers a variety of services, including bank accounts, personal loans, insurance, credit cards, and investments.

In recent years, the UOB bank has developed an online banking program to make it easy for clients to access their bank accounts from their computers and smart phones – a necessity for many of their clients.

UOB Online & Mobile Banking

Online services

The UOB bank offers a wealth of services to anyone who signs up for their online banking program. Once they’ve received access, clients can view their basic account info at any time. This includes a basic account overview, as well as their recent activity and list of last transactions.

They can also view their eStatement, an online bank statement that saves paper by not using the print version. Clients can also manage their account online. Options include:

  • change their address and password
  • manage their alerts
  • activate credit and debit cards and SecurePlus tokens
  • apply for a car or home loan
  • buy travel insurance
  • apply for a credit or debit card
  • manage their investments
  • and more.

Several investment features are online, as well as the current unit trust prices, gold and silver prices, and foreign exchange rates. Clients with credit cards can also adjust their credit limit online. Many common bank services are available through the online banking program, without visit to a bank’s branch.

How to apply

Only current account holders can apply for the UOB online banking. New clients must apply for an account before they can access the platform.

Clients can apply for the program one of three ways:

  • by visiting the UOB bank’s branch to receive their temporary user ID and password
  • by applying through an ATM to receive their temporary user ID and password
  • and by applying through the application on the UOB bank’s site, then printing and mailing the form for activation.

For support, clients can fill out the online contact form, call the phone number listed on the bank’s site, send a letter, or visit a UOB bank’s branch in person.

Mobile banking

UOB Mighty Bank is the bank’s mobile app, that allows to use all the services on an Android device or iPhone.

The app allows clients:

  • Manage their finance on the go
  • Find restaurants with and get reviews
  • Make a contactless payments.